What Is Cancer?

There are over 100 types of different cancers, which can affect just about every organ in a human body. All parts of the body, such as organs, muscles, skin, even bones and blood, are composed of cells.


Healthy, normal cells are constantly multiply and dividing into new cells to replace old damaged cells.

Cancer | Kangen Water
Cancer | Kangen Water
Cancer | Kangen Water

Did You Know?


Cancer patients' pH level is acidic.


Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment.


Cancer cells can not grow if pH level is alkaline.


Cancer Cells feed on sugar.


Negative emotions, like stress, can also produce acidic environment.

However, if this order process is disrupted, cells begin to grow out of control. They form excess tissue known as tumor. There are two types of tumor, benign tumor and malignant tumor.

Cancer | Kangen Water


Two Types Of Tumor


Benign Tumor - Not Cancer


  • Do Not Spread To Other Organs
  • Could Be Removed
  • Ususally Not Life Threatening


 Malignant Tumor - Cancer


  • Will Spread & Invade Other Organs
  • Spread Through The Blood or Lymphatic System
  • Destroy Surrounding Tissues & Nearby Organs
  • Cancerous



Metastasis - Spreading of Cancer Cells


Cancer | Kangen WaterThe spreading of cancer cells from its original site is known as metatasis.


Metastasis can be a slow process, occurring over a number of years or it can happen rapidly within a few weeks.


Left untreated, cancer cells continue to grow, invade and spread, taking over and destroying the organ where they originate as well as those to which they spread and metastasize. As this happens, the person will eventually experience the symptoms related to the organ affected.


Gene & Cancer


Since it is the genes that regulate the normal orderly behavior of cells, abnormality or damage to cells genetic component caused them to behave abnormally and become cancer.


In some cases, people have inherited genes that may predispose them to cancer.


While in other cases, genes are damaged by external, environmental factors, such as smoking, exposure to chemicals or ultra-violet radiation and perhaps even viruses.


  Cancer | Kangen Water


Free Radical Damage & Cancer


Cancer is thought to be the result of reactions between free radicals and DNA, disrupting the gene regulating ability. This causes mutation in cell cycle and eventually leads to the formation of malignant tumor, cancer.


What are free radicals?

What Are Free Radicals?


Acid & Cancer


When blood becomes acidic, the body will deposit the excess acid to other areas of body in order to maintain blood in a near-alkaline condition. As the cycle continues, the acidity level of these areas will rise significantly and some normal cells will die. The dead cell will then turn into more acids.


However, some cells survive the acidic environment and become abnormal, malignant, cancer cells.

Acid & Cancer

Are You Acidic? Check here...



Why Cancer Come Back?


Even though some type of cancer cells can be eliminated by operations or therapies, the cancer cells grow back because the acidic surrounding still remains after the operation. And at the same time, the cells of the human body try to remedy this by turning them into cancer cells. To prevent this situation, the accumulation of acidic waste must be stopped and maintain body's pH at a slight alkaline level (by alkaline foods and alkaline water).





Persistent Fatigue (more common in advanced cancer)

Chronic cough or blood-tinged saliva

Still feel the need to have a bowel
movement even after having one already

Pencil-thin stools

Continuous diarrhea

Blood in stool

Unexplained anemia (low red blood cells)



Breast Lump

Lumps in testicles

Urination Change (frequent urination, small amounts
of urine, slow urine flow)

Blood in urine


Swollen glands or persistent lumps

Swallowing difficulty (esophagus cancer)


Vaginal Bleeding (after sex or between periods)

Unexpected weight loss, fever

Persistent itching of genital or anus

Unusual, unrelenting Headaches (brain tumor)

Lower back pain (ovarian, colon cancer)

Shoulder pain (lung cancer)

Stomach pain (stomach, pancreatic cancer)




Common Treatments



Surgery is performed to remove tumor as much cancerous cells as possible. It is often used in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


 Breast Cancer | Kangen Water
 Cancer | Kangen Water




It uses drugs to kill cancer cells but it also affects the entire body.


Side Effects:


  • Hair loss all over the body
  • Nausea
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginal Infections)



Radiation Therapy


Cancer | Kangen Water  It uses radiation to damage cancer cell's DNA but nearby cells will also be damaged.


  Side Effects:


  •   Fatigue
  •   Skin problem
  •   Loss of appetite.



Effects of Water (Electrolyzed Reduce Water - ERW)


SD501 | Kangen WaterElectrolyzed Reduced Water, also known as Alkaline Reduced Water, or Kangen Water™


Showed Significant Anticancer Effect


Protects Genes, DNA From Free Radicals Damage


Alkalizing Ability





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